Testimonials from Students

“Thank you Ms. Brianna for helping me with fractions! They are soooooooo hard but when you explained it made sense. You are the best teacher ever!”

— 5th grader

“I am thankful for Ms. Brianna! She is the best teacher in the world!”

— 5th grader

“Ms. Brianna has helped me become less frustrated and helped me with my emotions. I love you!”

— 3rd grader

“I like it when we write stories. I like it when you think I do a good job. “

— Kindergarten

“I use to not like phonics. But now I ask to do phonics!”

— 2nd grader

“I’m thankful for Ms. Brianna if we didn’t have you as a teacher then we would not experiences how much fun you are. We are thankful to have you and we love you!”

— 2nd grader

“Ms. Brianna is the best teacher ever! She has helped me with my reading and writing.”

— 1st grader

Brianna is helping me study for the elementary math Praxis test for the state. This math test covers everything from basic math skills to accelerated Algebra and geometry. She has broken steps down into manageable pieces so I could understand. I am learning math, and it is all due to her help! I need to pass math to be certified to teach science (long story). I am gaining confidence in my ability to pass the test with every session we have. Brianna is very patient, kind, and professional. I highly recommend her if you are struggling in any subject, but especially math.

— Middle School Teacher

“Ms. Brianna made me love reading. She is the best teacher!”

— 3rd grader

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