Testimonials from Parents

“If you have the opportunity to work with her, or have your children work with her, in any capacity, my official recommendation is that you do not let that chance pass you by…her experience with teaching and curriculum planning is apparent.” — Kate B.

“Brianna has proved to be very capable both in delivering instruction and relating to her students. She was able to differentiate her lessons to meet each students needs. We would be happy to work with Brianna again.— Debra M.

“If you meet Brianna, you will likely be struck by her enthusiasm. If you have an opportunity to work with her, you may well discover that she is a woman whose teaching is truly inspiring. She has much to share with children and adolescents, and she would be an immediate asset to your family…I give her my strongest possible recommendation for your child.”— Kevin E.

“Brianna worked as a teacher for my 6th grade son with high functioning autism. He currently participates in online school…My son and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Brianna and came to know her as a knowledgeable, enthusiastic professional. While working with my son, she demonstrated understanding of ASD with patience and kindness. Brianna’s knowledge of ASD not only benefited my son but the entire family as she made suggestions and offered strategies for us to use with my son…Without a doubt I would recommend Brianna Ricotta to work with your child.”  — Stephanie S.

“Any family would benefit from Brianna’s desire to build caring student relationships, her positive attitude, and her desire to create meaningful instruction.”— Molly L.

Brianna, with Optimistic Tutoring Solutions is phenomenal.  The name of her company aptly describes her teaching style and personality.  She interacts with her students in a positive manner and lets them know that they can overcome what ever subject they are struggling with.  She also always let us know how our daughter was doing and how to support her. . — Alex J.

“Brianna helped my daughter with time management skills, and she was able to implement them successfully. Brianna gently guided her with patience, and helped her create a plan to get her homework completed. My daughter no longer leaves her homework to the last minute.”

— John  J.

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