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Who are we

Optimistic Tutoring Solutions is committed to helping your child navigate their academic challenges. Our goal is to assist your child enabling their academic potential to shine. We understand that every child has a unique learning style and our tutors incorporate lessons that match their learning style. Your child will have a curriculum tailored to their academic needs.

We are an in-home and online tutoring service. Optimistic Tutoring Solutions is located in the Denver Metro Area but provides online services both domestic and international.

  • Yoshimoto Orton-Gillingham Reading
  • Barton Reading and Spelling Method
  • Executive Functioning (1:1 or small group)
  • Academic Coaching
  • Reading Intervention
  • Math Intervention
  • Homework Help
  • Online School Support
  • Homeschool Support
Our commitment to you and your child

We believe that your child will flourish with an OTS tutor. Your child will develop skills enabling them to overcome any academic challenge. We are not only here for your child but also your family. Our tutors regularly communicate with parents on their child’s academic progress. 

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Some parents are trying to help their kids get back on track before school starts again. Parents Trying To Help Kids Recover From Learning Loss Before School Starts

“Brianna has tested, adapted, and executed the curriculum according to each of our children’s needs and progress, and has done so beautifully. She has a gift for seeing where a child is and meeting them there, while also pushing and encouraging them to progress further.” – Kate B.

Contact Owner/Tutor: Brianna Ricotta

Cell: 303-803-4500

Email: ots.tutoring@gmail.com